Brian Krenz

User Experience Designer


UX Architecture for Team Detroit

About This Work

Time of Work
  • Oct 2012–Dec 2012
Skills Applied
  • Sketches
  • Wireframes
  • User tests
  • Client presentations
Technology Used
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
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I had a three-month contract with Team Detroit, a Dearborn-based marketing agency that works primarily with Ford.


While at Team Detroit, I created wireframes for several projects, including some promotional sweepstakes. The final, live design for one of those sweepstakes can be seen here.

I also designed wireframes for a more involved project for Ford Credit ‐ the mobile design of two of the core tools the company offers on the desktop version of their website, as well as the mobile design of several static content pages that Ford Credit includes on their desktop website.

User Testing

I also helped form the guidelines for user testing that was conducted on the Ford Credit desktop website. I took the findings from that study and turned them into actionable recommendations, ultimately creating wireframes that included both short- and long-term recommendations.

All of the work I did was very well received by the clients.