Brian Krenz

User Experience Designer


UX Internship at OnLive

About This Project

Time of Project
  • Jun 2011–Aug 2011
Skills Applied
  • Use case scenarios
  • Flow diagrams
  • Wireframes
  • Usability testing
  • Survey research
Technology Used
  • Balsamiq Mockups
  • Visio

During the Summer of 2011 I interned as a UX designer with the Product Management team at OnLive. I am not able to disclose details of the work I did at OnLive, but below is an overview of the projects I worked on.

Usability Research

I led user testing on in-game tablet interfaces. Studies ranged from observing participants play in a free-form manner to watching them complete specific, instructed tasks, as is typical of many user tests. For another study, I used a hybrid diary/survey approach where participants filled out a largely open-ended survey each day for a series of days, reflecting on their experiences with a set of in-game interfaces.

The goal of testing was to determine, among other things, the best button layout and sensitivity, physical comfort holding the device, and general ease of play. I iterated on the interface designs throughout the testing, and improvements in user reactions could be seen over time.

The image to the left shows on-screen virtual controls for a racing game called Split/Second.

Designing New Features

I also led the design of some new social features for the platform. The features have not yet been released.

For this work, I wrote extensive use-case scenarios, created wireframes, and generated flow diagrams. I also worked with graphic designers to turn my preliminary designs into fleshed-out comps.

Survey Support

Finally, I assisted with developing surveys for research purposes. My background at ISR taught me a great deal about survey methodology, which proved useful in this context. The surveys were designed to gather information about the OnLive user base.